Your Monday Minute – Time for You!

moms matterWelcome to the the first edition of Your Monday Minute! Each Monday, I’ll be taking just a minute of your time to remind you of how much you matter!

It’s just one short minute with helpful tips, encouragement and pure love from me to help you give yourself permission to take better care of yourself. Making you your number one priority is a proven way to improve your parenting. A happier mother always makes for happier children and families.

This is my first step in coming full circle from being a parenting blogger to becoming a coach and I thank you for being a part of it. I’m merging the two roles into an authentic platform for mothers all over the world to startĀ putting themselves first!

Enjoy and please, leave a comment telling us how you take time for you!

Do tell! Do you take time for you when your kids and partner is home? What do you do for yourself? If you need ideas, just ask!

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